Child Care: Infants & Toddlers

Families love our brand new, spacious infant room!

Our Infant Room is beautifully decorated and provides care for babies, ages 6 weeks to 12 months. Each baby is given a crib that meets the new federal safety standards. Parents have a place to easily store their baby’s car seat, and a personal locker is provided for extra clothing, baby food, diapers and wipes. The large play area in the carpeted section is the highlight, where babies socialize with one another, or just relax in the cozy corner. We are glad to accommodate cloth diapers if that is your preference.

Children Central believes that all children have the right to grow and learn in a warm, safe and loving environment.  We are not just considered one of the best in Children’s Day Care in Pennsylvania, but we provide so much more to make each day a wonderful learning experience in early childhood education for our babies. 

Infant Care – The Learning Experience

Children Central Child Care

We take good care of our babies!

6 Weeks – 12 Months

  • Our Infant teachers care for our babies as if they were their own.  They provide love, caring and nurturing as their first priority is to make sure the needs of your baby are met throughout the day
  • We interact with infants on a continual basis to insure that all infants in our care receive sensory stimulation.
  • We are led by the infants’ needs as we provide napping time, diapering time, feeding time, and play time.
  • We constantly sanitize and disinfect the infant environment.
  • Our facility is designed so that our feeding area is completely separated from the diapering area. Sanitation procedures are clearly defined for all CHILDREN CENTRAL caregivers.

We provide a daily communication record of your infant’s day. We list when and what was eaten, diaper changing information and general infant observational notes. We help you and your child make the natural transition into the next group, which is the Toddler class. As we do in all classrooms, we plan for a 2-week transition to the next class so a child can make a gradual transition and get used to the next class before they graduate.

Children Central assesses the infant at each stage and notes the accomplishments of major milestones that are observed while in our Infant Care. Caregivers are required to obtain Pediatric First Aid and CPR training, as well as attend a minimum of 18-24 hours training in early childhood education.

Infant Care – Sensory & Motor Skills Development

  • Greeting of infant
  • Communication with Parents
  • Receiving Infant Belongings
  • Infants have On-Carpet Time
  • Breakfast (According to Infant’s Needs)
  • Individual On-Carpet Time for Fine Motor Development
  • Outside Time Provided for Those Awake for 15-20 Minutes
  • Sensory Activities
  • Morning Snacks (according to infant’s needs)
  • Gross Motor Movement
  • Lunch(according to infant’s needs)
  • Napping Provided
  • Outside Time Provided for those awake for 15-20 minutes
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Afternoon Snack(according to infant’s needs)
  • Gross Motor Development
  • Language Development
  • Music Activities
  • Greeting Parents at Pick-Up

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Toddler Care – Growth & Development

13 – 24 months

CHILDREN CENTRAL provides daily, themed related, age appropriate activities to help Toddlers learn about themselves and how they fit into the world around them.  We are not just what

Children Central Child Care

We provide daily activities for our toddlers!

some would refer to as a ‘Children’s Day Care.’  In our early education program, we know that Toddlers are striving for independence and self-esteem. Experiencing new activities and successfully completing tasks are very important to them.

Because Toddlers learn through play and a “hands on” approach to the exploration of materials, ample space with a variety of selections of learning materials are provided. Through our weekly focus on Self Help Skills, Toddlers participate in valuable experiences that will help them become more independent. They explore new tasks which refine eye-hand coordination, fine and gross motor development and problem solving.


Toddler Two Program (Older 1 Year Olds & Younger 2 Year Olds) 

Curiosity and learning are at its peak at this very young age. We encourage open- ended activities and exploration to promote social and physical growth. The Toddler Two classroom is designed in learning centers. Such centers include the kitchen/house area, building blocks, creative art, music/instruments, cozy/quiet area and various manipulatives.

Children Central Child Care

Children explore and discover every day!

Through the use of learning centers, children can explore and discover what their interests are. Circle time allows children to practice their ABC’s, numbers, colors and shapes. They also enjoy singing songs, dancing and reading stories. Age appropriate art projects are incorporated into the daily curriculum as well.

The equipment in the Toddler Two Room allows for positive and safe individual and group play experiences.

Our curriculum, High Reach is designed to develop each toddler’s individual wants and needs. At Children Central, our curriculum will help your child develop their cognitive, social, emotional, fine and gross motor skills.

Our highly trained and educated teachers provide endless opportunities for the toddlers to explore and develop in a safe learning environment.

Our goals for the Toddler Two class are:

  • Language skills through comprehension, story-telling, finger plays, vocabulary and conversations
  • Physical skills through eye-hand coordination and creative movement
  • Social and emotional skills through independence and sharing
  • Creative thinking skills through arts and crafts
  • Discovering all of their senses and feelings to interpret the world around them
  • Opportunities for exploration and learning in our Village
  • Preparation both socially and academically to join the Twaddler class

Daily Communicator

At the end of each day, in every classroom at our school, the teachers provide the ‘Daily Gram.’  This document is a snapshot of your child’s day.  It will give you a look into how successful your child’s day was which will include, but is not limited to: activities of interest, eating patterns, diaper changing schedules and comments. This very informative daily document provides observations of a caring and educational nature.

Toddler Care – Language Development & Activities

  • Greeting Children
  • Fine Motor Activities
  • Morning Snack
  • Gross Motor Activities
  • Outside Time (diaper changes as needed)
  • Language Development
  • Art Activities and Nature Activities
  • Clean up Time (diaper changes as needed)
  • Lunch Time
  • Quiet Activities Before Rest Time
  • Wake Up Time, Diaper Changing
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Quiet Time
  • Music Activities
  • Fine Motor Activities
  • Review The Day
  • Getting Ready to Go Home

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