3 Reasons Investing in your Child’s Preschool Education Beats the Stock Market

Every parent wants to give a bright future for their little one. This desire drives us all on a constant hunt to find the best of everything for them. Trying to find the best way to invest in your child can be a puzzling and frustrating experience. One common tip of advice from those in the past would be to save for your child’s future as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, this usually means saving for children that have yet to be born. Many of us have followed these tips, but are they the right ones? Saving money for our children’s financial future may actually be a step in the wrong direction. If you overlook your child’s current needs, you may create a recipe for disaster.

Before you start hunting for Ivy League colleges, think about what your child needs now. Here are three reasons why investing in your child’s preschool education will be the best decision you make.

Support Your Child

swings in a preschool playground

Preschool programs encourage structured development

It may surprise you to hear that early childhood investment yields big payoff. While they are just starting to walk and talk, children’s brains are developing faster than we could imagine. The first few years of a child’s life are crucial. What they learn in this time will be the foundation for their entire life. In the first few years, a child will build their perception of life based on their experiences. This means if they have bad experiences, they will always have a bad outlook on life (even if their life is perfectly fine).

One of the very meaningful benefits of investing in early childhood education is giving them a positive outlook on life. This easy step will provide a strong foundation while your child continues to grow and learn. The child’s brain development does not end after they make their opinions, though! Within the first five years of life, your child will have developed ninety percent of their brain. Find a school that encourages social, emotional, perceptual, and cognitive thinking to build that brain.

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5 Ways to Teach Your Children Gratitude during National Gratitude Month

November is National Gratitude Month. This is the perfect time to teach your children this beneficial emotion. The gift of gratitude is a present you can give your children that will outlast the happiness brought by all their holiday toys. Having gratitude has been shown to block toxic emotions that may rise. People with higher gratitude levels have lower levels of stress and higher self-esteem.

Studies done with children have resulted in better satisfaction with school and home. Children who show more gratitude also give more support to others and have better social support. Having more gratitude will help them in a big way, and will help them grow into caring, empathetic adults. Here are five ways you can foster the development of gratitude among your children this year.

Say Thank You at Home

father and son talking

Teach gratitude at home

This is a great way for young and older children to focus on giving thanks. Teach them that whenever they receive a gift or a compliment, they should always say thank you. This starts with the parents. Remember that when your child does something that deserves some ‘thanks’, be generous with your gratitude. Model the behavior you would like them to have.

Teaching children to always say “thank you” will create an atmosphere of gratitude in the home. It will also turn into a lifelong practice. If at first, your children are forgetful to give their thanks, help them by having them restate their sentence with “thank you” included.

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November Special Days

Friday, November 10: Superhero & Princess Day!

Friday, November 10: Date Night (6:45PM to 10:00PM)

Our families deserve an inexpensive way to spend a night on the town! Leave your child with us, so you can have a night of fun. This will be a good chance to have dinner without the kids, see a movie, go shopping, or do anything else you enjoy!

Your child is welcome to get comfortable – wear their pajamas and bring a sleeping bag. The children will enjoy dinner and snacks and have a lot of fun with their friends and teachers! Please see the posted information at school.

Sign-up sheet is at the check in monitor. Payment is due at sign-up. (*For enrolled families only. Enrolled families are welcome to bring older siblings)

Tuesday, Nov. 14: ‘Tooth Buddy Tales’ Puppet Show for Preschool & Pre-K!

Friday, November 17: Pajama & Teddy Bear Day

Wednesday, Nov. 22: Chef Dave’s Thanksgiving Lunch!

Thursday, Nov. 23 & Friday, Nov. 24: CLOSED for Thanksgiving

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Celebrating National Book Month: Help Your Child Develop a Love for Learning through Reading

It’s National Book Month, which means there is no better time to help your child develop a love for learning through reading. Children who read are more likely to perform better in all school subjects. They have larger vocabularies and are more confident in their academic career. Reading is fundamental for children of all ages. The toddler and preschool years are the best time to help your child develop a love of reading. Read on for some great tips to help your child fall in love with reading and learning.

Make It Fun

cartoon illustrations in a book

Avoid making books boring for kids

If you make reading seem like a chore, your child is likely going to treat it like a chore. Reading should be another form of playtime. Show your child that reading is a special time for you to spend together. Choose a special place like a cozy chair or hammock to cuddle and read a book. Read stories in exciting voices to make the characters come to life and enhance your child’s experience. Kids today are used to videos and apps, so anything you can do to make the story more exciting is a plus!

Discuss and Extend

After you have finished the book, have a discussion with your child. Talk about parts they did or did not like. Analyze choices the characters made. Ask your child questions about setting and the plot. Kids love to share their opinion and getting them to talk about what they read will help with comprehension. Once you have finished a story, see what connections you can make. If the characters in the book baked cookies, make cookies. If they created an art project, let your child do a similar project. Making connections with the book strengthens comprehension. It also gets your child excited about what happens in the story.

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Three Ways to Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary During the Fall Season

When your child is learning to talk, it is one of the most exciting times for you as a parent. It’s exciting every time your child says a new word. This motivates you to increase your child’s vocabulary. Fall is a great time of year for building your child’s vocabulary because of the many activities going on. As your child’s vocabulary increases, the bond between you and your child strengthens.

Enroll Your Child in Preschool

children in a kindergarten classroom

Kindergarten teachers help kids improve their vocabulary

Preschool is an excellent environment where your child can increase their vocabulary. Fall is back to school time, so many of your local preschools will have open slots. Early childhood education teachers are trained in designing activities to teach vocabulary to preschool students. The curriculum in a preschool focuses on helping your child develop in many major areas. Speech and language development is one of those major areas. Children Central Childcare/Learning Center is an excellent Yardley Preschool where you can consider enrolling your child this fall.

Converse with Your Child

Being exposed to language is how your child starts learning how to talk in the first place. When you and your child converse on a consistent basis, your child will pick up more words from the vocabulary you use while talking to them. Fall is a time where you and your child can discuss many exciting things and events. Including their new preschool, leaves changing colors, pumpkins, and costumes. As well as why birds fly south, candy, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. To teach your young child about the wonders of fall, you simply have to talk to them. This will teach them more vocabulary words and about school.

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Jump-Start Your Child’s Education, Close The Preschool Gap

The traditional start of school has long been the age of five when a child enters kindergarten. But, research shows that the benefits of early childhood education programs that parents should consider sending children to school at age three. Parents should consider a high-quality, structured preschool in Yardley. We all know that the expectations of kindergartners have increased over time. Remember half-day kindergarten? Nap time? No more!

Read on for the benefits of preschool to your child’s education.

Avoid the Preschool Achievement Gap

children at preschool will not be affeced by the preschool achievement gap

Attending preschool increases the chances of success in life

Yep – it’s a real thing. Let’s take a deeper look at preschool vs. no preschool statistics. Education experts agree and the research is indisputable. The preschool gap is the difference between children that have attended a high-quality preschool program and those that have not.

It shows that early childhood education is an important part of brain development before the age of five. According to the US Department of Education, 90 percent of the brain’s capacity is established before age five. There’s no better time to feed your child’s brain than now with early childhood education. To avoid the preschool gap, nourish their brain with help from a quality preschool.

The National Education Association reports that children who were in preschool earned $2,000 more per month as adults than children who were not. As adults, preschool attendees were also more likely to own a home and have a successful marriage. They further report that children who did not go to preschool were more likely to repeat a grade or get into legal trouble. Talk about adding to parental pressure!

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How You Can Teach Your Child Courtesy During National Courtesy Month

Our ultimate goal as parents is to prepare our children to face the world and hope that they help to make it a better place.

September is National Courtesy Month. The American culture is so fast and impersonal these days that it is easy to forget the rules of politeness that once governed our society. Take advantage of this month’s focus on courtesy as a chance to teach your children skills that will let them reap lifelong benefits.

You’re their First Teacher

teaching a child

Teach your child about courtesy

Children aren’t born knowing how to hate. They aren’t inherently rude. In fact, children are born with an innate need to please their parents. That being said, bad habits are often learned from their environment.

The good news? You are your child’s first teacher. Encouraging good habits and manners from day one can set your child up for success. Even before your child says their first words, they are observing the customs of their environment. If you want them to say “please,” “thank you”, and “excuse me”, do so in front of them. Be courteous to others.

National Courtesy Month is also a good time to reflect on your own habits. Hold open doors and hand out compliments.

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Back to School Tips for Preschool Parents: 9 Ways to Help Your Child Settle In

The most effective back-to-school tips for preschool parents to take into account that any child getting ready to go back to school may have a hard time adjusting to a new place and new people. Kids often feel excitement about seeing their school friends every day. They may also have anxiety about new academic and behavioral expectations. Read on for 9 tips to keep in mind as you countdown to school and an easier start to the school year.

Make the Good-Bye Brief

back to school tips for preschool parents

Avoid long goodbyes to lessen separation anxiety

Studies show that when a parent drops their young child off at preschool, they should avoid prolonged good-byes. There is an in-between moment when a child is still grasping their mother or father’s hand while looking out at the other kids playing with toys. This should be used to help the child start the preschool day. Use your child’s curiosity and interest in the new class to get them involved in a fun activity. A trustworthy preschool in Yardley has accounted for this by providing young kids with the opportunity to free play and discover their surroundings.

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August is National Eye Exam Month: 5 Ways Eye Health Affects Your Child’s Performance in School

August is National Eye Exam Month, it is also the month most kids get ready to go back to school. With both things in mind, getting a comprehensive eye exam should be on your back-to-school checklist.

As a child’s body grows, their eyes go through changes. Sometimes, these changes are gradual. So gradual, that the child gets used to the change without noticing it. Your child may not have any problems with blurry vision or headaches. An annual back to school eye exam will ensure your child’s health, development and school performance. In the spirit of National Eye Exam Month. Here is how eye health affects your child.

School Performance

pediatric vision test

Take your child for an eye exam before school starts

The most obvious reason to have an annual exam is to ensure your child can do well in school. If your child cannot see at a distance, they will miss out on critical information presented on a board or screen. For kids who cannot see things close up, reading and written assignments become a challenge.

You may only detect a problem when your child’s grades start to slip. Having an annual exam will detect eye issues before school even starts. It should become a normal part of your back-to-school routine.

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5 Ways Summer School Helps Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

What Does My Child Need To Know For Kindergarten?

Kindergarten prep | Children Central

Summer school helps kids socialize

If you’re a panicked parent right now questioning whether your child is going to be ready for kindergarten in the fall, summer school might be the right answer. More and more children are participating in these programs, and their parents see great results. If your child didn’t go to preschool, a kindergarten prep program is even more essential.

Below are five important ways that school in the summertime helps in preparing your child for kindergarten in the fall.

  1. Trustworthy Preschools In Yardley Give Children An Educational Head Start

Children who enroll in a summer program before they start kindergarten often have more knowledge than their peers. Learning the alphabet and how to count, as well as basic math, reading, science and social studies subjects will all be covered in a quality summer program. Your child will have a larger vocabulary and develop the ability to ask questions. This will be of great help in their academic career. These programs will also nurture your child’s curiosity. Parents can help encourage their child by teaching them basic skills at home, like math, and reading to them often.

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