Jump-Start Your Child’s Education , Close The Preschool Gap

The traditional start of school has long been the age of five when a child enters kindergarten. But, research shows that the benefits of early childhood education programs that parents should consider sending children to school at age three. Parents should consider a high-quality, structured preschool in Yardley. We all know that the expectations of kindergartners have increased over time. Remember half-day kindergarten? Nap time? No more!

Read on for the benefits of preschool to your child’s education.

Avoid the Preschool Achievement Gap

children at preschool will not be affeced by the preschool achievement gap

Attending preschool increases the chances of success in life

Yep – it’s a real thing. Let’s take a deeper look at preschool vs. no preschool statistics. Education experts agree and the research is indisputable. The preschool gap is the difference between children that have attended a high-quality preschool program and those that have not.

It shows that early childhood education is an important part of brain development before the age of five. According to the US Department of Education, 90 percent of the brain’s capacity is established before age five. There’s no better time to feed your child’s brain than now with early childhood education. To avoid the preschool gap, nourish their brain with help from a quality preschool.

The National Education Association reports that children who were in preschool earned $2,000 more per month as adults than children who were not. As adults, preschool attendees were also more likely to own a home and have a successful marriage. They further report that children who did not go to preschool were more likely to repeat a grade or get into legal trouble. Talk about adding to parental pressure!

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How You Can Teach Your Child Courtesy During National Courtesy Month

Our ultimate goal as parents is to prepare our children to face the world and hope that they help to make it a better place.

September is National Courtesy Month. The American culture is so fast and impersonal these days that it is easy to forget the rules of politeness that once governed our society. Take advantage of this month’s focus on courtesy as a chance to teach your children skills that will let them reap lifelong benefits.

You’re their First Teacher

teaching a child

Teach your child about courtesy

Children aren’t born knowing how to hate. They aren’t inherently rude. In fact, children are born with an innate need to please their parents. That being said, bad habits are often learned from their environment.

The good news? You are your child’s first teacher. Encouraging good habits and manners from day one can set your child up for success. Even before your child says their first words, they are observing the customs of their environment. If you want them to say “please,” “thank you”, and “excuse me”, do so in front of them. Be courteous to others.

National Courtesy Month is also a good time to reflect on your own habits. Hold open doors and hand out compliments.

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Back to School Tips for Preschool Parents: 9 Ways to Help Your Child Settle In

The most effective back-to-school tips for preschool parents to take into account that any child getting ready to go back to school may have a hard time adjusting to a new place and new people. Kids often feel excitement about seeing their school friends every day. They may also have anxiety about new academic and behavioral expectations. Read on for 9 tips to keep in mind as you countdown to school and an easier start to the school year.

Make the Good-Bye Brief

back to school tips for preschool parents

Avoid long goodbyes to lessen separation anxiety

Studies show that when a parent drops their young child off at preschool, they should avoid prolonged good-byes. There is an in-between moment when a child is still grasping their mother or father’s hand while looking out at the other kids playing with toys. This should be used to help the child start the preschool day. Use your child’s curiosity and interest in the new class to get them involved in a fun activity. A trustworthy preschool in Yardley has accounted for this by providing young kids with the opportunity to free play and discover their surroundings.

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August is National Eye Exam Month: 5 Ways Eye Health Affects Your Child’s Performance in School

August is National Eye Exam Month, it is also the month most kids get ready to go back to school. With both things in mind, getting a comprehensive eye exam should be on your back-to-school checklist.

As a child’s body grows, their eyes go through changes. Sometimes, these changes are gradual. So gradual, that the child gets used to the change without noticing it. Your child may not have any problems with blurry vision or headaches. An annual back to school eye exam will ensure your child’s health, development and school performance. In the spirit of National Eye Exam Month. Here is how eye health affects your child.

School Performance

pediatric vision test

Take your child for an eye exam before school starts

The most obvious reason to have an annual exam is to ensure your child can do well in school. If your child cannot see at a distance, they will miss out on critical information presented on a board or screen. For kids who cannot see things close up, reading and written assignments become a challenge.

You may only detect a problem when your child’s grades start to slip. Having an annual exam will detect eye issues before school even starts. It should become a normal part of your back-to-school routine.

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5 Ways Summer School Helps Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

What Does My Child Need To Know For Kindergarten?

Kindergarten prep | Children Central

Summer school helps kids socialize

If you’re a panicked parent right now questioning whether your child is going to be ready for kindergarten in the fall, summer school might be the right answer. More and more children are participating in these programs, and their parents see great results. If your child didn’t go to preschool, a kindergarten prep program is even more essential.

Below are five important ways that school in the summertime helps in preparing your child for kindergarten in the fall.

  1. Trustworthy Preschools In Yardley Give Children An Educational Head Start

Children who enroll in a summer program before they start kindergarten often have more knowledge than their peers. Learning the alphabet and how to count, as well as basic math, reading, science and social studies subjects will all be covered in a quality summer program. Your child will have a larger vocabulary and develop the ability to ask questions. This will be of great help in their academic career. These programs will also nurture your child’s curiosity. Parents can help encourage their child by teaching them basic skills at home, like math, and reading to them often.

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7 Ways to Enjoy National Ice Cream Month with Your Children & Stay Healthy

July is National Ice Cream Month. This probably makes your kids very happy and your waistline a little concerned. It’s hot, and eating the cool treat sounds like a fun way to turn the temperature down. However, one cup of the dessert has about 260 calories and 14 grams of fat. How do you celebrate National Ice Cream Month and stay healthy at the same time? Chill out. It’s possible.

  1. Try Low Calorie Ice Cream

You don’t have to pack on the calories to enjoy your favorite icy delight. Many brands offer low-calorie versions of your favorite flavors. These alternatives aren’t always so healthy, though. They’re often loaded with artificial sweeteners and preservatives. After all, you have to replace the fat and calories with something else, right?

Eat This, Not That ranked Halo Top Vanilla as the best diet option out there. One pint contains 240 calories. You don’t have to challenge yourself to stop when you’re halfway through. Plus, it contains healthy fats, has no fake sweeteners and is low in sugar. Your kids won’t know the difference. Neither will you.

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Make Summer Count: 9 Summer Reading Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain with your Preschooler

Summer is a time for fun and also a necessary brain break, but too much fun can cause summer brain drain. This is a phenomenon that occurs when school-aged children get out of school and don’t retain learned information. To prevent your preschooler from losing everything they’ve learned, read on for summer reading tips that will keep them engaged.

Make Time for Reading Every Day

preschool reading books | Children Central in Yardley

Make reading a habit

It’s easy to fall out of habits as soon as summer vacation starts, so make daily reading part of your routine to stay on track. If your preschool student is reading on their own, set a timer for 10 minutes of independent reading every day using preschool reading books. These are age-appropriate learner books that will help keep your child engaged. You can also read to your preschooler and let them follow along.

Turn Mundane Tasks Into Teaching Moments

A summer off means running errands with your preschooler, but getting things done can be part of your child’s education. While shopping at the grocery store, invite your preschooler to read signs or identify items. Read aloud everything that you and your child come into contact with — including street signs, ATM screens, and newspaper headlines. Incorporating your errands into your child’s preschool enrichment will not only further their education, but it’ll also make time race by as you get things done.

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June is National Great Outdoors Month! Tips on How to Celebrate it with Your Children

June is National Great Outdoors Month, and what better way to create great summer memories with your family than by experiencing the beauty of nature together? But how can you, with little ones in tow, take advantage of all that June has to offer? Here are five fun suggestions to engage even the smallest of outdoor adventurers.

  1. Take Advantage of Your State Park’s Programming!

National Great Outdoors Month | Children Central in Yardley

Playing Outdoors is great fun

Your local state park is a treasure trove of fun, family-friendly activities. Consider going to a Firefly Walk! June is a particularly active season for fireflies, known for dancing through the night air with their magical twinkling. If your family plans to go firefly-spotting, plan ahead! Some parks, such as the Smokey Mountain National Park, are in such high demand that you must enter a lottery for admission to the perfect viewing ground. If parks strike your fancy, be sure to pick up a “Park Passport” from the park gift shop. Your child will not only be able to keep memories from your trip, but will delight in collecting unique stamps in their passport from all the parks you visit.

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7 Summer Enrichment Ideas for Your Preschooler … in Yardley!

During summer break, preschoolers do not stop learning just because school is out. Summer enrichment activities give them chances to keep exploring. During this young age, children’s brains are constantly developing and making new connections. New educational experiences help this process. You want your children to have the best chances in life, so this can be stressful without help. Luckily you do not have to do it alone because there are many resources in the community. Listed below are some ideas for enrichment for your preschooler in Yardley.

Arts and Literature for the Preschool Student

preschool student | Children Central in Yardley

Art widens childrens’ imaginations

Early childhood experts encourage art education in preschoolers. This helps them learn to solve problems and make choices. Preschoolers also get the chance to express themselves and create something of their own. Along with art, reading is also helps with cognitive development. These are both great options for summer enrichment.

Paint a Treasure, located 20 minutes from Yardley in Hamilton, is a great place for summer enrichment in the arts. Children can paint canvases and pottery using acrylic paints on a walk-in or appointment basis. They can also design mosaics with colorful tiles and grout. The friendly staff is always available to make suggestions and offer lessons. When finished, the children can take their artwork home.

The Yardley free public library offers many summer enrichment programs for preschool children. Toddler Time and Babies and Books are some groups that meet regularly. They also have monthly story times followed by play sessions. During the summer, there is a summer reading program that offers prizes for books each child reads.

Exercise and Motor Skills for Preschool Enrichment

Preschoolers have mastered walking, but they have many other balance and physical skills to learn. The best way for them to develop their motor skills is through a process of trial and error. As parents, it is important to give your child an appropriate environment to challenge these skills.

Located in Levittown, about 15 minutes from Yardley, Bouncing Off the Walls is one such place for summer enrichment. This facility offers equipment like mats, climbing areas and moon bounces for children and parents to play. They serve children from crawling age to 8 years old. This means preschoolers can challenge themselves at increasing skill levels.

My Gym in Yardley offers specialized classes to help preschoolers develop balance and movement skills. This facility offers summer enrichment classes that target specific age groups. Preschoolers can progress from Gymsters, ages 23 months to 2-1/2 years, to Terrific Tots, ages 2-1/2 years to 3-1/4 years, and to Mighty Mites, ages 3 years to 4-1/2 years.

Outdoor Activities

summer camp | Children Central in Yardley

Children love playing in the sun

With the advancements in technology, many youngsters do not spend enough time outside. There are many health benefits to increased outdoor activities for children. These include vitamin D absorption, healthier immune systems and fitter and stronger bodies. Spending time in nature also nurtures respect for the earth and creative thinking.

At the Silver Lake Nature Center in Bristol, only 20 minutes from Yardley, preschoolers can experience nature. This facility has trails, a large lake and a 1-acre play area specifically for young children. There is also an indoor visitor’s center featuring educational displays. Throughout the year, they have classes about different topics like animals and conservation. Plus, there is a 2-week summer camp for preschoolers.

A closer option, Tyler State Park in Newtown, 10 minutes from Yardley. This park also provides outdoor summer enrichment for preschoolers. Families can spend time walking the trails and enjoying the large lake. There are also hands-on nature classes and opportunities to experience outdoor theater.

Also 10 minutes from Yardley in Morrisville, Snipes Farm and Education Center is a great summer enrichment activity. This is a local farm that teaches the community about farming and appreciating the earth. Children love the interactive classes and tours.

These are some options to help you plan activities for enrichment for your preschooler in Yardley. There are also summer camps at many local preschools like Children Central. This way, their development can continue while out of school so they are ready to return in the fall.

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May is National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month. This month is set aside to recognize the individuals and families who give their time, their resources and their homes to children who are going through the most difficult times of their life.

Foster Parents

foster care | Children Centralin Langhorne

Open your home to foster children

Most people would have a difficult time letting a stranger in their home to shower, sleep and eat. It would be the equivalent of picking up a homeless person and taking them home. You know nothing about this person except what you can see and perhaps what they have told you.

For foster parents, the person is a child. This child may have severe mental or physical trauma that is not apparent to the naked eye. Emotional damage may be hidden under layers of disdain, hatred and aloofness. Now imagine that you open your home, your family and your heart to this child. Is that hard to imagine? That is what foster families do every day. It is all about placing your fears and doubts aside to meet the needs of a child who has nobody else to turn to.

National Foster Care Month

May is the time to bring awareness to foster care. Foster parents are honored during this month. The need for more families to volunteer is brought to the forefront of the public eye. The needs of the foster care families are recognized. Resources are introduced to help meet the needs. After all, foster care is more than just opening your home up to a child in need. Foster care awareness is critical to help families and communities meet the needs of the children and the families that care for them.

Where to Find Help

Many people caring for children do not know that there are resources available to help them. Respite babysitting services, community clothing closets, support groups and even activities and sports programs for the children are all in place to help families foster these children. However, the problem is that not all families know about the resources available. During May, resources of all kinds are brought to the forefront in an attempt to help families caring for foster children.

Grandparents, aunts and uncles are often kinship caregivers. This means that they have assumed the role of caregiver since the parents of the child are not an option. Often, this causes a change in family dynamics. An adult child may resent the grandparent becoming the primary caregiver of their child. Maybe a grandparent does not know what to do about things like medical care, legal issues with the school, etc. Resources like

The Grandkin Guide can help grandparents to navigate the legal system, family issues and the new role of caregiver.

Such resources are critical to helping foster care families cope with the changes that come from having a new child in the home. Online resources, support groups, financial aid and more can all be beneficial for the care of foster children. Whether kinship care is decided between family members or set up by child welfare services, there is no reason to feel alone and adrift in this new circumstance. Help is available.

Why is Public Awareness so Important?

National Foster Care Month | Children Central in Langhorne

Get educated about foster care

Foster care is often shown in a negative light. News stories of tragedies, rumors of greed and horror stories from former foster children get the spotlight, while great foster successes go unheralded.

Care of these children must be brought to the public in a positive light. People will remember success stories of foster children who went on to college and beyond. Foster parents who go above and beyond to help children find their passions, like painting or horseback riding, should be highlighted and commended. The children should have their success stories shared, just like in a traditional family. These children can thrive if the parents have the resources available to help them. Even severe mental and physical abuse of the past can be overcome with love and support from foster parents who really care.

Foster care takes a whole community to be successful. Outreach groups, support groups, legal and financial help, respite caregivers, teachers, child welfare advocates – everyone must work hand-in-hand with the foster caregivers to ensure these children are protected, loved and given the chance for a successful, happy life.

Use May as the month to educate yourself about the foster care system and how you and your community can help these families. A community picnic, a toy or clothing drive, volunteering your time or even offering your talents (like free piano lessons) – there are plenty of ways you can help with foster care. The keyword is ‘care’.

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